Demos. We offer in-store demonstrations at hundreds of markets in the Chicago area and beyond. These take place in the biggest nation-wide chains or the smallest neighborhood mom and pop shops. Our primary goal at demos is to educate consumers. If L.O.S.T. Foods represents your company, then naturally we think you are in-line with our philosophy.  Therefore, we want to see you expand your market share! The better your food is selling, the more sustainable food will be on the market. We believe your sales will increase dramatically once people know about and have tasted the love you put into it. While it is important to get your name out there and get people tasting your product, we also strive to get people to purchase your product at the demo. Once they get it home into their cupboards or fridges, we have begun building brand loyalty.

Relationship Building. There are over 60,000 products on the shelves of a typical grocery store, and sometimes only one buyer! We’re in the stores on a daily basis to remind them who you are and why your products are special. It is through these relationship building efforts that we are often able to improve and expand shelf space, which translates to higher sales for you and your retailer. In addition to providing regular demos, we tour the retail outlets of our clients at least once a month. These trips include checking in with the buyers and managers, maintaining product on shelves and displays, soliciting orders and trying to improve/expand current shelf space. Buyers trust us to help them manage their inventory, and often to make purchasing decisions for them.

Education. This is key to get your retailers to love you and to get your product moving quickly off their shelves. We offer anywhere from 15-minute staff classes and tastings on the floor to full three hours+ in-depth classes with whole departments or stores in a classroom setting. Demos are perhaps the best way to reach and expand your customer base directly, but face time with shoppers is very short. Even if you decide to have weekly demos at a store, we will only be there 3-4 hours a week. The staff is there from open to close everyday. If the staff is knowledgeable and excited about your product, they will actively sell it for you over your competitors.

Consulting. Sometimes you need help. Often you need help and you don’t even know it. If you are a restaurant, retailer or producer, we can offer assistance in sourcing local, sustainable food, training staff in customer service, training buyers in costing and pricing, or any number of other hurdles you are likely to encounter in your business. We have developed relationships with buyers, managers and owners at dozens of retail outlets, as well as farmers, throughout the Chicago area. We offer nearly twenty years experience in food, from grocery store delis to fine dining, from well established specialty food importers to home kitchen start-ups, from small retail outlets with over 10,000 customers a week to neighborhood farmers markets. If you have a need, just ask. If we can’t help you, we’ll find someone who can.